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Orders 2024 – April

Date of Judgment Case No. Parties Judgment by Keywords (Laws, Provisions & terms) Legislation Download
2024-Apr-29 CA/WRIT/147/2024 The Petroleum Dealers’ Association Lanka Filling Station, Vs Ceylon Petroleum Corporation Hon. D.N. Samarakoon, J.
2024-Apr-29 CA/WRIT/485/2022 J.B. Shantha Perera Vs Hon. Attorney General Hon. D.N. Samarakoon, J. Expert opinion - other evidence - can the indictment be quashed? - Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968) - WOOLMINGTON APPELLANT; AND THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS RESPONDENT, [1935] AC 462 - Attempts to avoid criminal investigation is a matter to be taken into acont
2024-Apr-10 CA-RII-0046-24 Orient Pearl Hotels Limited Vs. Ceynor Foundation Limited Hon. D.N. Samarakoon, J.
2024-Apr-09 CA/WRIT/41/2024 Fairway Latitude (Pvt) Ltd. Vs Seylan Bank PLC and others Hon. D.N. Samarakoon, J. Foreclosure - Comparative analysis of English and American Law - The Great Depression of 1930s and the recommendations of Banking Commission and Mortgage Commission from the judgment of His Lordship Justice Nawaz in the 07 judge Bence case - Built in safeguards in Act No. 04 of 1990 in furtherance of the Rule of Law - observations on contractual question objection - "the mutual transferring of rights" Hobbes, Leviathan - "The residuum of natural liberty being the subject of public law - "The Grapes of Wrath" -
2024-Apr-09 CA/WRIT/173/2024 United Travels & Holidays (Pvt) Ltd. Vs Zainaul Abdeen Muhammadh Faizal Director, Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs, And others Hon. D.N. Samarakoon, J.
2024-Apr-09 CA-HCA-0004-23 Wettasinghe Arachchige Don Tilak Wettasinghe Vs. Loku Geeganage Sunanda Malraj De Silva and others Hon. D.N. Samarakoon, J.
2024-Apr-05 CA/WRT/0181/2024 Gulam Hussain Ali Asgar Shabbir and Others vs. LOLC Finance PLC and Another Hon. Sobhitha Rajakaruna J. (Acting P/CA) Judicial Officer, Necessary Parties The Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
2024-Apr-05 CA/WRIT/149/2024 Nawalakanda Tea Factory (Pvt) Limited and others Vs Sri Lanka Tea Board and others Hon. D.N. Samarakoon, J
2024-Apr-05 CA-RII-0029-24 Sanasa Development Bank PLC Vs. Michelin Lanka (Private) Limited and others Hon. D. N. Samarakoon, J.
2024-Apr-04 CA-WRT 424-22 M.H.M. Riyaaz, Vs . Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka and Others Hon. B. Sasi Mahendran, J. Affidavit, Black’s Law Dictionary, 11th edition A Commentary on Civil Procedure Code and Civil Law in Sri Lanka, Volume I, at page 843, by U.L. Abdul Kumarasinghe v. Ratnakumara and Others, 1983 (2) SLR 393, at page 395, Sharvananda, A.C.J Majeed Mark Rajandran v. First Capital Ltd., Formerly, Commercial Capital Ltd., 2010 (1) SLR 60 at page 64 by Andrew Somawansa, J (P/CA) in International Dresses (Pvt). Lts. V. Municipal Council of Moratuwa, 2006 (2) SLR 203 at page 204, Roylin Fernando v. W.A. Christian Gamini Fernando, SC Appeal No. 18A/09, Decided on 04.03.2016, Nagananda Kodithuwakku v. Chandana Sooriyabandara and others, CA WRT 137/2022, Decided on 07.08.2023, P. Padman Surasena, J. described meaning of duly certified copy in Jayantha Perera Bogodage v. DS. P.Senaratne, CA WRIT 345/2012 decided on 12.12.2018, Lanka Milk Foods (C.W.E) Limited v. Seylan Bank Limited, CA Application No: 697/96, Decided on 22.09.2000 Shanmugavadivu v. Kilathilake, 2003 (1) SLR 215 at page 220, Bandaranayake, J Rule 3 (1) (a) of the Court of Appeal (Appellate Procedure) Rules 1990. Section 181 and 757 (1) of the Civil Procedure Code Section 3 of the Evidence Ordinance
2024-Apr-04 CA/ COC 15/22 Indula Ukkansa Sumithraachchi Vs Jamburagoda Gamaachchige Manjaro Prashansa Hon. B. Sasi Mahendran, J. District Court Mary Jean Varma v. Dr.Chrisantha Nicholas Anthony Nonis CA Application No. 11/2016 decided on 24.01.2017 Metthananda v. Kushan Fernando [2006] 1 SLR 290 Oswald’s, ‘Contempt of Court’ (3rd edition on page 6) Re BRAMBLEVALE, Ltd, Lord Denning, M.R. 1969 (3) All E.R Page 1062 at 1063 The Law of Contempt by Borrie and Lowe, Third edition, , at page 562. Husson v. Husson, 1962 (1) WLR , 1434, Lyell J.
2024-Apr-04 CA/BAL/0324/2023 Hetti Arachchige Harshani, Vs Officer-in-Charge, Police Narcotic Bureau and other Hon. R. Gurusinghe J
2024-Apr-04 CA/BAL/0469/2023 Ulluwis Hewage Priyantha Kumuduni Vs The Officer-in-Charge Police Station, Thalathuoya and other Hon. R. Gurusinghe J
2024-Apr-04 CA/ BAL 587-2023 Mohamed Ibrahim Ismail AhamedVs. Hon. Attorney General Hon. M.C.B.S. Morais J. Section 15B, judicial discretion, exceptional circumstances not required Section 15B of the Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act No. 48 of 1979
2024-Apr-04 CA-BAL-0569-23 Wellage Ayesha Madhushani Vs, Officer-in-Charge, Police Station, Ambalangoda and other Hon. M.C.B.S. Morais, J.
2024-Apr-04 CA-BAL-0542-23 Udahapunu Abegedara Samudra Kumari Vs. Police Narcotics Bureau, Sub Unit, Kandy. and others Hon. M.C.B.S. Morais, J.
2024-Apr-04 CA/BAL/409/2023 Gunethi Damindu Shamendra Perera Vs The Honorable Attorney General, Attorney General’s Department and others Hon. M.C.B.S. Morais J.
2024-Apr-04 CA/ WRT 258/23 Sududewage Gamini Dissanayakeand others Vs . K.D. Bandula Jayasinghe and others Hon. B. Sasi Mahendran, J. Mapping Out of Crown land, Forest, Third Schedule Desmond Perera and Others v. Karunarathne, Commissioner of National Housing and Others, (1994) 3 SLR page 316, at page 329 CCSV v. Minister for the Civil Service (1984) UKHL 9 H. W. R Wade and C. F. Forsyth in in their book “Administrative Law” (11th Edition) on page 825, Section 72 of the Land Development Ordinance and Section 10 of the Land Grants (special Provisions) Act Section 3 (a) of the Forest Conservation Ordinance Act
2024-Apr-02 CA/PHC/0021/2017 Thambi Raja Ravi Vs. Chairman, Land Reform Commission Hon. M. T. MOHAMMED LAFFAR, J. Permit or Written Authority under the State Lands (Recovery of Possession) Act. State Lands (Recovery of Possession) Act No. 7 of 1979 (As Amended)
2024-Apr-02 CA-BAL-0579-23 Girithara Arachchilage Chamila Chamani Samanthika vs. The Hon. Attorney General and others Hon. R. Gurusinghe, J.
2024-Apr-02 CA/WRIT/758/2023 Kudagamage Bimal Rushantha Perera Vs Elkaduwa Plantation Ltd and others Hon. D.N. Samarakoon, J.