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Judgments 2024 – February

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2024-Feb-29 CA/HCC/205/17 Munasinghe Arachchige Muditha Dinesh Gunarathne Vs The Hon. Attorney General Hon. Wickum A. Kaluarachchi, J. Impact of error, illegality or defects in investigation of a crime. -Criminal liability of children between 8 and 12 years of age. -Who is an accomplice. -Credibility of prosecution witness. Section 76 of the Penal Code. -Section 296 of the Penal Code. -Section 256 of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act. -Section 75 and Section 76 of the Penal Code as amended by the Penal Code (Amendment) Act No. 10 of 2018.
2024-Feb-29 CA-WRT-0125-20 Karnahalupedige Duliyes Fernando alias Dulip Weerarathne Vs. Minister of Lands and Land Development and 6 Others Hon. S.U.B. Karalliyadde, J Land Acquisition, quantum of compensation, market value, settlement, decision of LARC, Board of Review, delay, alternative remedy, facts in dispute, res judicata, lack of competency and expertise of the Court to decide the material facts. Land Acquisition Act, No. 9 of 1950 (as amended), The Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka
2024-Feb-29 CA/WRT/49/2020 W.A.V.S Priyantha AND OTHERS Vs 1.Regional Mining Engineer Geological Survey and Mines Bureau AND others Hon.M. T. MOHAMMED LAFFAR, J. Artisanal Mining License- mining licenses- sand mining Mines and Minerals Act, No. 33 of 1992.
2024-Feb-29 CA-WRT-0653-23 Serasinghe PathiranageUdula Vs. National Gem and Jewellery Authority and others Hon. Mayadunne Corea, J.
2024-Feb-29 CA-WRT-0304-21 Rado Lanka (Private) Limited and Others vs. Sri Lanka Tea Board and Others Hon. Sobhitha Rajakaruna, J. Refuse tea, Violation of Fundamental Rights, Review Application, Matters in contractual nature Constitution 1978, Tea Control Act, No.51 of 1957,
2024-Feb-29 CA-WRT-0267-19 Christy David and Others Vs. C. D. Wickramaratne, Inspector General of Police and Others Hon. S.U.B. Karalliyadde, J. Combined allowance paid to the police officers, legitimate expectation, whether the decision to reduce the days the combined allowance is paid is irrational and unreasonable, futility. The Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka.
2024-Feb-29 CA-WRT-0115-21 Chandrani Mananayake Algama vs. S. M. Chandrasena and others Hon. M. T. MOHAMMED LAFFAR, J Land acquisition compensation - compensation -appeal Land Acquisition Act No. 9 of 1950 (as amended)
2024-Feb-29 CA-HCC-0190-191-17 Seetha Mary and Kapracharilage Upun Ranjith Kumara alias Niroshan vs. The Attorney General Hon. P. Kumararatnam, J • Circumstantial Evidence. • Date of Offence. • Contradictions and Inconsistent. The Penal Code
2024-Feb-28 CA/WRT/0157/21 Samagi Real Estates (Private) Limited Vs Ceylon Electricity Board and 8 Others. Hon. M. T. MOHAMMED LAFFAR Section 3(1)(e) of the Sri Lanka Electricity Act No.20 of 2009. Legitimate Expectation
2024-Feb-28 CA/TAX 11-10 Senvec Lanka (Pvt) Limited, Vs . Commissioner General of Inland Revenue, Hon. B. Sasi Mahendran, J Section 7 (1) ( c) of the VAT Act, WYven UK Marketing Ltd. V The Commissioners (1975) VAT Tribunal Reports 52 and Kidd &Zigrino Ltd. V. The Commissioners (1974) VAT Tribunal Reports 173 In Amadeus Lanka (Private) Limited V. Commissioner General of Inland Revenue, CA No. CA/TAX/04/2019 decided on 30.07.2021, Senvec Lanka (Pvt) Ltd v. CGIR, CA Case No. Tax 05/2010 Black’s Law Dictionary Value Added Tax Act, No. 14 of 2002
2024-Feb-28 CA/HCC/277/16 Kodikara Aarachchige Ranjith Kodikara Vs The Hon. Attorney General Hon. Wickum A. Kaluarachchi, J. Proof of criminal misappropriation. -Dishonest intention. -Agreements or contracts affecting a land or other immovable property. -National execution. -Enforceability of an agreement to sell not notarially executed. Section 386 of the Penal Code. -Section 2 of the Prevention of Frauds Ordinance
2024-Feb-28 CA (PHC) 0084/2018 Lokugamage Lalith Chandra Vs Officer-in-charge Police Station, Hambantota and other Hon. Sampath B. Abayakoon, J Transportation ofcattle without a valid permit – Show Cause –Confiscation of the cattle - bail bond - Attempted to mislead the Court- Vehicle released on bond Animals Act Section 3
2024-Feb-28 CA/HCC/0181/18 Jayasekera Mudiyanselage Jayatissa alias Bella Eda Nilame Vs Hon. Attorney General Hon. Menaka Wijesundera J. Sec. 114(a) of the Evidence Ordinance Penal Code Evidence Ordinance Code of Criminal Procedure No. 15 of 1978
2024-Feb-27 CA/WRT 814/23 Douglas Gajanayake and others Vs Divisional Secretary, Divisional Secretariat, and others Hon. Mayadunne Corea J
2024-Feb-26 CA/WRT-0379-2019 Mahaweli Reach Hotels PLC Vs Commissioner General of Labour & others Hon. M. T. Mohammed Laffar J. Date of termination of employment- contract of service-termination- compensation for termination Termination of Employees (Special Provisions) Act No. 45 of 1971, National Minimum Wages of Workers Act No. 3 of 2016
2024-Feb-26 CA (PHC) 0071/2019 Rathnagoda Baranathage Gamini Suraweera Vs 1.The Officer in Charge Police Station, Bandaragama and others Hon. Sampath B. Abayakoon, J Appeal- Confiscation of a tipper lorry - Transporting timber and sand without a valid permit - show cause - Balance of Probability - Due Precautions – Quality of the evidence- knowledge - Mere Hearsay Forest Ordinance Section 40(1) Mines and Minerals Act Evidence Ordinance Section 134 Code Criminal Procedure Act Section 166
2024-Feb-26 CA-Writ-541/2019 Dadallage Nihal De Silva Vs Central Environmental Authority and Others Hon. S.U.B. Karalliyadde, J. Appointment of Assistant Director, Scheme of Recruitment, res judicata, laches The Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka.
2024-Feb-26 CA/WRT/0520/23 Nandana Padmalal Lokubarana Vs. Land Commissioner General and 15 Others Hon. M. T. MOHAMMED LAFFAR, J. Inordinate Delay & Laches, Alternative Remedy invoked, Temporary lease is not a permit. Article 140 of the Constitution.
2024-Feb-22 CA/HCC/127/22 Kottage Chandrasena alias Kiri Mama Vs The Hon. Attorney General Hon.Wickum A. Kaluarachchi, J. Reasons for silence of a child victim of sexual abuse. -Delay in making a police complaint. -Particulars to be mentioned in framing charges. -Objections on defective charges to be raised at the inception. -Date of offence in indictment is not a material matter unless it is an essential part of the offence. -Probability of the prosecution case. -Evaluating the evidence of a child witness. -Impact of contradictions and omissions.Credibility of prosecution witnesses Section 365 B (2) B of the Penal Code. -Section 165 (1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act. -Section 174 (1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act
2024-Feb-22 CA/WRT/0319/2017 Dr. H. Amarathunga, Vs The Monetary Board of Central Bank, And others Hon. R. Gurusinghe J
2024-Feb-22 CA-(PHC)APN-0067-23 M.N.M.Nadvi Vs. The Officer-in-Charge, Criminal Investigation Department Hon. P. Kumararatnam, J • Illegal sentence. The Bail Act No. 30 of 1997.
2024-Feb-22 CA/ WRT 190-2016 G.W.W.B.R.M.M. Dambagalle Vs .Justice S.I. Imam and 04 others Hon. M.C.B.S. Morais J. Article 12(1) of the constitution, Fundamental Rights, Certiorari, Mandamus, Public Service Commission (PSC) , National Police Commission (NPC), Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT), equality, reasonableness, permissible classification, backdating of promotion 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka
2024-Feb-22 CA-Writ-197/2021 D.D. Chaminda Vs National Police Commission and Others Hon. S.U.B. Karalliyadde, J. Error of law on the face of the record, Writ of Certiorari to quash the order of the Administrative Appeal Tribunal. The Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka.
2024-Feb-21 CA/HCC/0226/20 Thanthrige Don Shantha Alwis Vs The Hon. Attorney General Hon. Sampath B. Abayakoon, J Offence of rape - Leading Questions - Identification Parade - Identity of the appellant - Turnbull Guidelines - Dock Statement – Contradictions - Test of cross-examination Penal Code Section364(1)Code of Criminal Procedure Act Section 420 The Constitution Article 138 Proviso
2024-Feb-21 CA-HCC-003-004-16 Attorney General Vs. Sooriyakumar Ajanthan alias Ajanthan Vignaraja Selventhiran Shivadasan Thrishanthan alias Dinesh Hon. Menaka Wijesundera J. Section 32 of the Penal Code Penal Code
2024-Feb-21 CA/HCC/0008/22 Amarasinghage Benedict Fonseka Vs The Hon.Attorney General Hon. Sampath B. Abayakoon, J. Murder - Sudden Fight - Cumulative Provocation –Culpable homicide not amounting to murder - Verbal Altercation - ConfessionaryStatements - Totality of evidence – Intention - Knowledge Penal Code Sections 294, 296, 297
2024-Feb-20 CA/PHC/APN 0144/22 Sugathapalage Indika Mahesh Bandara Vs Park Warden, Wilpattu National Park, Hunumalgama, Pahalamaragahawewa and others Hon. P. Kumararatnam, J. Exceptional Circumstances. • Nature of evidence Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance as amended by Act No.22 of 2009
2024-Feb-20 CA/WRIT/259/2022 R. W. W. U. D. A. Sampayo Vs R. W. W. U. D. A. Sampayo Hon. Sobhitha Rajakaruna J. Constitutional Ouster Clause, Mandamus, Rule of Law, Interdiction, Legal Authority of the Public Service Commission Constitution 1978 Prisons Ordinance Establishments Code
2024-Feb-20 CA/WRT/0391/20 Anoma Nilmini Senarathna Vs. M.G. loku Hamine Alias K Karunapali Siwmini Se’ Viharayaand 6 Others Hon.M. T. MOHAMMED LAFFAR, J. Doctrine of “Clean Hands” and Legitimate Expectations in Writ applications Article 140 of the Constitution and State Land Ordinance No. 8 of 1947 (As amended)
2024-Feb-16 CA/CPA/0080/19 Don Jayathilakalage Mahinda Jayathilaka Vs. Nandani Malkanthi Rajapuruge and 1 Other Hon. M. T. MOHAMMED LAFFAR, J Revision, Exceptional Circumstances, Right to Appeal, Delay. Article 138 of the Constitution.
2024-Feb-16 CA-Writ- 644/2021 Vehicles Lanka (Private) Limited and Another Vs S. P. Arukgoda and Others Hon. S.U.B. Karalliyadde, J. Validity of imports licence, section 7 and 8 of Import and Export (Control) Act, licence obtained by misrepresentation of facts. Import and Export (Control) Act, No. 01 of 1969 and The Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka.
2024-Feb-15 C.A. (Writ)/366/21 Rajapakse Mapa Mudiyanselage Piyasena Rajapakse Vs Leka Geethanjali Perera, Chairman of the Appointed Committee and Senior Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Others Hon. Dhammika Ganepola, J. Establishment Code, Formal Inquiry, Investigation, Delay
2024-Feb-15 CA/HCC/0237/17 Watapathane Gedara Punchi Banda Vs Hon. Attorney General Hon. Menaka Wijesundera J. Contradictions & omissions not being considered by the trial judge. Penal Code Evidence Ordinance
2024-Feb-15 CA/RTI/REV/05/2021 Bank of Ceylon, Vs Right to Information Commission and other Hon. D.N. Samarakoon, J. Right to Information - Preamble to the Act and Constitutional Provisions - The Quorum of the Commission - Appeal not time barred - Appeal as well as an application for revision - Objection under section 5(1)(a) and 5(1)(b) of the Act - Jeremy Bentham - "Panopticon" and "Anti Panopticon" - Asymmetrical Surveillance
2024-Feb-15 CA(PHC)APN 0115/22 The Hon, Attorney General Vs Mahagodage Ajith Kumara and others Hon. P. Kumararatnam, J. Illegal sentence The Penal Code and the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
2024-Feb-14 CA/HCC/0086/21 Muthumalage Wijeratne alias Beeri KaluAyya Vs The Hon. Attorney General Hon. Sampath B. Abayakoon, J. Grave sexual abuse on a male minor – Date of the offence -Place of the offence – Photographic Memory - Standard of proof – Truthfulness of the evidence- Corroboration – Evidence in its totality– Probability factorof the evidence Penal Code amended by the Penal Code (Amendment) Act No. 22 of 1995, 29 of 1998 and 16 of 2006Section365B(2)(b) Code of Criminal Procedure Act Section 165(1)
2024-Feb-14 CA/HCC/0182/19 Galpoththe Gedara Gunaratne Vs Hon. Attorney General Hon. Menaka Wijesundera J. Section 48 of the Judicature Act Penal Code Judicature Act
2024-Feb-12 CA/WRT/0245/2021 Center for Environmental Justice & 1 Other Vs. Conservator General of Forests and 6 Others Hon. M. T. MOHAMMED LAFFAR, J
2024-Feb-12 CA/RTI/REV/08/2022 Litro Gas Lanka Limited and other Vs W.K.S. Karunarathne and others Hon. D.N. Samarakoon, J.
2024-Feb-12 CA/HCC/0170/18 Wickramaar achchige Nihal Ranjith Vs The Hon. Attorney General Hon. Sampath B. Abayakoon, J. Illegal Possession of a Gun and Ammunitionwithout lawful authority –Writing Judgements-Weaknesses of the defence -Retrial Explosives Act No. 21 of 1956 Section 27 read with Section 9 Firearms Ordinance No. 37 of 1916 amended by Amendment Act No. 22 of 1996Section 22(3) read with 22(1) Code of Criminal Procedure ActSections283(1), (2), (3)
2024-Feb-09 CA/Writ/0382/2020 Galagedarage Dayananda, alias Dayananda Galagedara Vs Mrs. Malani Abeywardena Ranathunga, Chairman, Debt Conciliation Board and others Hon.M. Sampath K. B. Wijeratne J.
2024-Feb-09 CA HCC-0238-20 Marasinghe Siriwardenalage Nilantha Kumara Vs The Hon. Attorney General Hon. P. Kumararatnam, J. • Eye witness. • Test of credibility and probability The Penal Code
2024-Feb-08 CA/ CPA/0136/22 The Director General, Commission to Investigate Allegation of Bribery or Corruption, Vs Ranaweera Wanasinghe Wanninayake Herath Mudiyanselage Gamini Wanasinghe Hon. Sampath B. Abayakoon, J Revisionary Jurisdiction – Bribery – Gratification - Authorization of the institution of proceedings- Maintainability of the action before the Court - Question of Jurisdiction - A patent lack of jurisdiction - ab initio void -Edited version of the order – Irregularity - Jurisdictional Objection - Procedural Defect - Latent lack of jurisdiction - Appropriate Action - Appropriate Forum - Discretionary remedy of revision - Exceptional Circumstances The Constitution Article 138 Bribery ActSection 19(b), 19(c) Code of Criminal Procedure ActSection 283(4) JudicatureActSection 39 Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption Act Section 11, 24(1)
2024-Feb-08 CA/WRIT/486/2021 Timex Garments (Private) Limited Vs The Commissioner General of Labour Hon. Sobhitha Rajakaruna J. Workmen on Probation, Common Law, Roman-Dutch Law, Written Consent/ Written Approval/Termination Termination of Employment of Workmen (Special Provisions) Act, No.45 of 1971 (‘TEWA’)
2024-Feb-07 CA/CPA/0050/23 Balasingham Mylooran Vs. Jeyachandra Paranitharan and 1 Other Hon. M. T. MOHAMMED LAFFAR, J. Dispossession, Restore in possession, Exceptional Circumstances Primary Courts Procedure Act No. 44 of 1979 (As Amended)
2024-Feb-06 CA (PHC) 0035/21 TAIAN LANKA STEEL COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED Vs EASTERN MARKETING AND HARDWARES and others Hon. Sampath B. Abayakoon, J. Private Plaint –Refusal to issuesummons- Sufficient reasons to issue summons - DishonoredCheque –Reasonable Grounds Code of Criminal Procedure Act No. 15 of 1979Sections 136(1)(a), 139 Debt Recovery (Special Provisions) Act No. 02 of 1990 amended by Amendment Act No. 09 of 1994 Section 25, 25(1)(b) Finance Leasing Act No. 56 of 2000 Section 41 Finance Business Act No. 42 of 2011 Sections 20 (2), 64 and 65 Finance Companies Act No. 78 of 1988 Section 38 Companies Act No. 07 of 2007 Sections 42, 177 and 382
2024-Feb-06 CA/LTA/0234/1999 Shabbir Abbasbhoy Gulamhussein and others Vs M.D.C. Tennekoon Gunasena Hon. MOHAMMED LAFFAR, J. Interim Injunction, there is no likelihood of irreparable damage, suppression of facts. Civil Procedure Code
2024-Feb-05 CA/WRIT/63/2022 S.P.Dias and Others Vs Asela Gunawardena, Director General of Health Services and Others Hon.Sobhitha Rajakaruna J. Replacement List, Annual Transfer List, Public Service Commission, Assignment, Transfer, Change of Duty Station, Scheme of Transfer. Constitution of Sri Lanka, The Procedural Rules of the Public Service Commission.
2024-Feb-05 CA/HCC/ 0160/2022 Mohomed Faris Mohomed Isham Vs The Hon. Attorney General P. Kumararatnam, J. Date and place of the offence. • Inconsistence and Contradictory Evidence. • Excessive sentence The Penal Code as amended.
2024-Feb-02 CA (PHC) APN/0062/2017 KandiahYoganathan Vs Hon. Attorney General Hon. Sampath B. Abayakoon, J. Revisionary Jurisdiction – Confessional Statement –Language - Admissibility of the statement - Threat, Inducement, or Promise - Voluntariness of the statement - Acceptability of a confession - Double Translation - Sufficient exceptional circumstances - Discretionary remedy of revision The Constitution Articles 18 and 138 Code of Criminal Procedure Act Sections 109(1), 109(2) Evidence Ordinance Sections 3, 24 and 25(1) Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act No. 48 of 1979 as amended by Amendment Act No.10 of 1982 and 22 of 1988 Sections 2 (2) 11, 5(a), 16, 16(2) The Emergency (Establishment of a Human Rights Task Force) Regulations No. 1 of 1995Regulation 5