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Hon. Justice Yasantha Kodagoda PC (P/CA)




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Court of Appeal cases will be listed from 7/5/2019 as follows :-
Court No. 303 : Writ Applications filed from 1st January 2017 onwards,  Transfer Applications, Contempt of Court proceedings, Appeal and Revision Applications in terms of the Right to Information Act, Appeals in terms of the Consumer Affairs Authority Act, Extradition matters, Admiralty matters, Election Petitions, Miscellaneous Applications, Causus Omisus
Court No. 107 : High Court Criminal Appeals (Appeals bearing odd numbers), Habeas Corpus Applications, Leave to Appeal Applications from Judgments of the High Court
Court No. 302 : Pronouncing Judgments in all matters in respect of which judgment has been reserved by Honourable Justice  A.H.M.D. Nawaz.
Court No. 110 : High Court Criminal Appeals (Appeals bearing even numbers), Bail Applications, Provincial High Court Appeals (Criminal) and Provincial High Court Revision Applications (Criminal)
Court No. 204 : Final Appeals from District Court Judgments (matters bearing odd numbers), Matters from Provincial High Court Judgments and Orders (excluding criminal matters), Land Acquisition Board of Review matters, Revision Applications from District Court Judgments and Orders, Leave to Appeal Applications arising from District Court Judgments and  Orders , Restitio in integrum Applications, Wakfs Board matters.
Court No. 205 : Writ Applications (filed up to 31st December 2016), Final Appeals from District Court Judgments (matters bearing even numbers),  Inland Revenue – Cases stated by the Tax Appeals Commission.
- By order of the Hon. President of the Court of Appeal. - Registrar of the Court of Appeal. On this 03rd, day of May, 2019.J.(2)


Hon. Justice Yasantha Kodagoda PC (P/CA)
Hon. Justice Deepali Wijesundera
Hon. Justice A.H.M.D Nawaz
Hon. Justice K.K. Wickremasinghe
Hon. Justice A.L.S. Gooneratne
Hon. Justice Janak De Silva
Hon. Justice A.A.U. Wengappuli
Hon. Justice Mahinda Samayawardhena
Hon. Justice Arjuna Obeyesekere
Hon. Justice K. Priyantha Fernando
Hon. Justice N.Bandula Karunarthna
Hon. Justice Dr. Ruwan Fernando